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Estar morto e ter consciência disso. Ser prisioneiro dentro de um corpo que já não se sente, que já não está lá. Querer morrer e não poder. Desejar ter cancro. Estamos em 2012. Século XXI. A luta contra uma discriminação gritante e chocante. Eu tenho o Direito a Morrer. Tony não; "apenas" porque não consegue exercê-lo sozinho. Esta é a história de Tony Nicklinson. Sigam aqui o dia-a-dia da "vida" de Tony até à vitória final (uma luta que devia ser de todos):

«In 2005 Tony Nicklinson had a catastrophic stroke, which has left him utterly paralysed. He has what is known as 'locked in syndrome' and cannot move, talk, feed himself or perform even the most basic function without help. He can only communicate via a computer controlled by his eyes.
Tony Nicklinson wants to die, but he cannot kill himself without help, and anyone who helped him would be committing murder.
On the eve of a historic and controversial legal bid to demand the right to be killed, he tells his story, comes face to face with his critics, and hears from the Greek doctor who saved his life seven years earlier, who says he wouldn't wish this condition on his worst enemy.»

"I cannot scratch if I itch, I cannot pick my nose if it is blocked and I can only eat if I am fed like a baby - only I won't grow out of it, unlike the baby.
'I have no privacy or dignity left. I am washed, dressed and put to bed by carers who are, after all, still strangers. You try defecating to order whilst suspended in a sling over a commode and see how you get on.

'I am fed up with my life and don't want to spend the next 20 years or so like this.
'Am I grateful that the Athens doctors saved my life? No, I am not.
'If I had my time again, and knew then what I know now, I would not have called the ambulance but let nature take its course.'
'I was given no choice as to whether or not I wanted to be saved.
'However, I do concede that it was a fair assumption given that I had asked for the ambulance and associated medical staff.
'What I object to is having my right to choose taken away from me after I had been saved.
'It seems to me that if my right to choose life or death at the time of initial crisis is reasonably taken away it is only fair to have the right to choose back when one gets over the initial crisis and have time to reflect.
'I'm not depressed so do not need counselling. I have had over six years to think about my future and it does not look good.
'I have locked-in syndrome and I can expect no cure or improvement in my condition as my muscles and joints seize up through lack of use.
'Indeed, I can expect to dribble my way into old age. If I am lucky I will acquire a life-threatening illness such as cancer so that I can refuse treatment and say no to those who would keep me alive against my will.
'By all means protect the vulnerable. By vulnerable I mean those who cannot make decisions for themselves - just don't include me.
'I am not vulnerable. I don't need help or protection from death or those who would help me.
'If the legal consequences were not so huge, ie life imprisonment, perhaps I could get someone to help me. As things stand, I can't get help.
'I am asking for my right to choose when and how to die to be respected.
'I know that many people feel that they would have failed if someone like me takes his own life and that life is sacred at all costs.
'I do not agree with that view. Surely the right and decent thing to do would be to empower people so that they can make the choice for themselves.
'Also, why should I be denied a right, the right to die of my own choosing when able bodied people have that right and only my disability prevents me from exercising that right?"

Skydiver: Tony Nicklinson on a tandem parachite jump (bottom) in the UAE in 2001 - four years before he suffered a devastating stroke

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De Elfo Mor a 23.06.2012 às 19:55

Sei o que é...
O meu pai escolheu ir-se embora da forma que entendeu e encontrei-o, já tinha partido...
por egoísmo meu, queria-o cá.
porque dói e muito! mesmo já tendo passado 7 anos.
mas compreendo e aceito a sua decisão, que o sofrimento atroz que ele passava, todos os minutos dos últimos tempos de "vida", assim o determinou... foi o que ele deixou escrito para todos nós: "não aguento mais!"
respeito-o, eu também não aguentaria.

De Luis Moreira a 24.06.2012 às 02:58

Prolongar a morte é o que a medicina faz. As pessoas neste estado têm o direito a abreviá-la.

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